Hosanna Church belongs to Jesus Christ, not to any other being.

We aim to grow God's kingdom, not the church itself.

The people, not the building, are the real church.

Our brothers and sisters are the church.

We seek intergenerational and international worship

believing that the Holy Spirit transcends all barriers.

We believe that this form of worship unifies and strengthens

God's church.

We place equal emphasis on both the local and overseas missions,

bringing the Gospel both to unreached nations

and to the mission fields within our own communities.

We seek to keep the church as mission-friendly as possible.

We believe that spiritual education for children

primarily takes place at home.

We stress the importance of continual worship at home.

We believe that every individual has talents

that can be used to serve God's kingdom.

Everybody has something to contribute as a child of Christ.

Sunday Service 11 am

712 Linda Avenue, Thornwood, NY 10594